Suzanne Cook

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Suzanne Cook

Hello there, thanks for checking out my new website.

In the coming weeks and months, we hope to develop a fan zone filled with images and music, both new and from the archive, which will be exclusive to this site.

Please feel free to leave comments in the guestbook.

What's New?

You can hear the demo mix version of my new song, 'Fool For Your Love', now playing as the background music on the 'Music News' Page.

My music is now available for licencing from Music4Business in Germany, and from Music Delivery in Brazil (see links page).  My live performance with the band, Dharma, at the Biella Festival in Italy in October 2012 has been released in Italy (all proceeds going to charity).  I would like to thank Rudy at radio Terneuzen FM in Holland for the recent air play, and I also would like to thank internet stations Museboat Radio (Las Vegas) and NBTmusic (Germany) for their kind support.